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Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment

You ever wonder why you just didn't walk out that office? Westwood Dental in Houston TX should rapidly close their location. Reception/waiting area is dirty and crowded and their attitudes are horrible. Are you the last dentist on earth because you sure act like your patients can't go somewhere else.

I understand dentist run into emergencies and appointments become delayed;however, after reading several online comments, I see its Westwood's norm. And, I heard one of the staff tell a patient that "you don't think we work for free?" Because they were inquiring about their insurance not covering all the work. Just plain rude because that person was clearly a senior.

Never going back there.

Review about: Scaling.



Unfortunately they have a LOT of bad comments. People should review before choosing a dentist.

Westwood Dental Group

Stafford, Texas 1 comment

Please be aware of Westwood Dental Group in Houston, Tx they are bad I have had a lot of issues with Dental Bridges.Please use caution.

As I type I am in pain pain pain I visted the office 10 times already since 2010 they keep changing dentists. I went there just to get a tooth filling replaced and i got a root canal i didnt agree to (i was under gas and they told my friend who was there just to drive me home) it was an emergency so my friend went to the bank got the money and gave it to the dentist ( i was unaware) i had to pay him back $475.00 which i didnt have since i just gave the dentist $1,650.00. I was so upset they droped my temp crown on the floor and preceeded to put it back in my mouth. Cause she didnt want to make another one.

The assistants were untrained but nice.I dont know what to do anymore I guess I have to keep getting abused.


Houston, Texas, United States #730699

They can't do a RCT without your permission. You probably signed the agree before & didn't know what you were signing! That's a lawsuit issue!

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